Railroad Man
The Legend of Lil' Jay

Tina Wald

For the last two years of his life Jay was a frequent visitor at the home of author Tina Wald in Metro Detroit. After his death, Wald set aside all other projects to concentrate on making his biography a fitting tribute to the life of an unusual man. She is a former newspaper columnist and founder of the SansLand Group (SLG), a collective of writers, translators, editors, and web designers.

Speaking Engagements

Author Tina Wald has spoken before audiences in Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina and Ohio. Her book, Railroad Man, The Legend of Lil’ Jay, the story of Michigan’s most famous hobo, has been featured in The Sunday Times of London, North Iowa Today and on the BBC.

Based in Southeast Michigan, the author travels frequently and may be available for speaking engagements along the road. For more information, contact the author at Tina@RailroadManBook.com. Planned trips for 2017 include Alaska, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, and Madagascar. Unplanned trips could be anywhere.

Topics include:

Everybody Has a Story – How to Write a Biography

Maybe you want to preserve a grandparent’s life story to share with future generations, or maybe you want to write about a well-known person. Whatever your motivation, there are basic steps to turn a story into a biography. Author Tina Wald will share the process used in writing Railroad Man, The Legend of Lil’ Jay and give the audience guidelines for the story they wish to preserve.

There’s No Such Thing as “Self-Publish”

Unless you have your own printing press, you’re going to need help in publishing your book. Do you have a program to design the layout? Are you going to use photos? Where can you get it printed? What type of paper should you use? What sort of cover? How can you decide how many copies to print? What about alternative options like on-demand printing, or e-publishing? You have questions about self-publishing, come get some answers.

So, You Want to be a Writer

For the beginner who would like to be a writer, this program covers basic techniques that will help you develop your writing skills and turn that blank page into a finished article, story or book. You will learn tools authors use to turn an idea into a finished piece, fiction or non-fiction, and then get it published.